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We built a modern and advanced manufacture complex to make sure the finished cutting machines are of high quality and stale performance.

Manufacture Workshop
We established two manufacture workshops, enabling us to independently accomplish component process, machine assemblage, machine adjustment and many other processing programs.

Raw Material Cutting
The worker precisely cuts the raw material according to requirements in the drawing picture. With the assistance of large-scale sawing machines, the materials are processed in a highly efficient manner.

We bought 3 large-scale CNC processing centers for machining precise parts and guaranteeing the final product accuracy. Thanks to the high efficiency and reliability of the processing centers, 90% of the components are manufactured in house.

The radial drilling machine is a commonly-used machine for drilling and tapping.

The planer type milling machine is most often used for milling large-size workpieces, like racks of cutting machines.

Boring and Milling
The floor type boring and milling machine has a worktable with a size of 1800mm×2200mm and a max. loading capacity of 16t, greatly satisfying our manufacture demands for large-scale cutting machines.

This functional boring machine processes, bores, mills and turns large-size workpieces.

Double-Column Vertical Lathe
Controlled by a PLC system, the double-column vertical lathe is applied for finish turning machine external circles, inner bores, end faces and inside and outside conical surfaces.

Our company set a high standard for welders, in order to get a superior welding effect and strong machine structure.

Every machine is assembled by two workers strictly following assembling requirements and standards.

Machine Adjusting
After the painting is finished, our QA workers start adjusting the machine. Every set of machine must be continuously working for 48 hours. Only qualified machines that pass the industry-standard inspection can leave the factory.

Storing adequate components, the warehouse provide wearing parts for customers timely.