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Manufacture Strength

With groups of employees committed to excellence and a number of advanced processing machines, we have sufficient manufacture strength to offer high-quality machines that meet different customers' demands.

The integrated office room houses designers, customer service staff and sales personnel. Each member possesses many years of industry and is always ready to service our valued clients.

Our engineers have accumulated rich experience in machine research and development, property improvement and parameter adjustment. Our engineer is using SolidWorks for modeling a new type fully-automatic plastic cutting machine.

Our employees are having a heated discussion about product type selection and function improvement. Upon demand, we also manufacture machines according to customer's drawing.

Case Study
Back to 1990s, the hydraulic cutting machine suffered from many problems because of unreasonable design. For example, the oil temperature was easy to get high. Particularly in summer, the sealing rings have to be exchanged frequently. A high temperature also made the oil easy to go bad, reduced the pressure, broke the rods and caused imbalance at two ends. Especially, for some work with large force, the lifespan of hydraulic system and built-in components would also be shortened.

After continuous updates and many times of experiments, we successfully developed the new-generation hydraulic cutting machine which possesses many outstanding advantages. Firstly, the entire machine is well designed, allowing for a high degree of stability and long lifespan. Secondly, by adopting a high-precision double-cylinder and four-column design, the new cutting machine saves two thirds electricity, compared to mechanical four-pillar machines. Thirdly, when working, the press plate first descends at a high speed and then automatically slows down once contacting the blade, ensuring precise cutting and no error between layers. It's of high efficiency at the same time guarantees the product quality.