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Manipulator Arm, Lifting Solution, Material Transfer System


The manipulator is an automatic material transfer device capable to move heavy-load product in a stable and smooth manner. Equipped with a customized gripper, the arm completes the material transfer work fast and accurately. In general, the manipulator arm is mounted onto a vertical foundation on the floor. For some special requirements, it can also be installed in other fixed places.

Technical Parameters of HR-710A Manipulator
Working pressure: 4-7kgf/cm2
Drive method: Servo motor
Arm type: Single-arm type
Angle between beam and arm: 90°, fixed angle
Loading capacity: 5-30kg

Attractive Characteristics of Manipulator
1. The manipulator arm is developed with a five-shaft servo motor, a frame-type structure and an imported synchronous belt, leading to highly efficient performance.
2. When working, the arm horizontally slides along the beam and then vertically descends down to get the materials. The frame-type structure and specially-designed side axis both contribute to fetch materials flexibly and stably.
3. The manipulator moves precisely, with little noise and fast speed.
4. By implementing a touchscreen system and human-computer interaction, the manipulator arm is convenient and effortless to operate.
5. The material transfer system can save up to 40 fault messages, making sure the operator will not miss any fault alarm and take effective action.