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HR-640H Thick Sheet Thermoforming Machine

Vacuum Forming Machine, Heavy-Gauge Thermoforming Machine, Thermoforming Equipment

Major Features of Thick Sheet Thermoforming Machine
1. Compared to conventional heating devices, the advanced transient heating system in this thermoformer realizes a remarkable reduction in power consumption.
2. The anti-falling system prevents the plastic sheet from stretching and getting thin in the forming process.
3. A special device is used to wipe out all bubbles, thereby ensuring uniform and mirror-smooth products.
4. The computer numerical control system contributes to a high level of automation and enables complete data record and storage.
5. High security is realized by the protection system.
6. Different drive modes are optional.
7. The size of final products can be decided by the customer.

Application of Thick Sheet Thermoforming Machine
The heavy-gauge thermoforming machine is widely used for plastic forming, due to above-talked attractive features. Feed materials for the vacuum forming machine are PVC, PET/G, PS, PP, PC, ABS and so forth.

Technical Parameters of Thick Sheet Thermoforming Machine
Max. forming area: 3,500MM×2,000MM
Min. forming area: 1,000MM×500MM
Forming thickness: 2MM-5MM
Forming height: 500MM
Max. power consumption: Depend on the forming size
Machine size: Customized