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Automatic Thermoforming Machine, HR-1250B

Forming Machine, Thermoformer, Automatic Packing Machine

The automatic thermoforming machine is a good choice for making packaging films used for disposal cups, meat, seafood, fruit and more. Integrating vacuum and air pressure (6 Bar) technology, the forming machine produces packaging materials in a fast speed, with a maximum forming area of 1250×710mm. Moreover, the thermoformer is manufactured with independent forming and trimming workstations, greatly simplifying the packaging work.
Typical materials for automatic thermoforming machines include PVC, PET/G, PS, PP, PC, ABS, etc.

Main Features of HR-1250B Thermoforming Machine
1. The PLC system assures an automatic and efficient machine operation.
2. A lot of labor cost is saved thanks to the application of automatic feeding system.
3. The electric furnace runs stably and quickly in the horizontal direction.
4. The thermoforming machine is developed with a stable up-down structure.
5. Other functional configurations include electric width adjustment device and stretchable die, which are designed to different working requirements.

Technical Parameters of Automatic Thermoforming Machine
Max. forming length: 1,250 MM
Max. forming width: 710 MM
Max. forming height: 120 MM
Max. forming depth: 100MM
Max. power consumption: About 35KW
Machine weight: 3,800 KG
Machine size: L7000×W2000×H2600 MM