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Automatic High Speed Servo Driven Thermoformer, HR-1250A

High-Speed Servo-Drive Thermoforming Machine, Thermoforming Equipment, Plastic Forming Machine

Attractive Features of Automatic High Speed Servo Driven Thermoformer
1. The automatic servo system controls the thermoforming machine in a scientific manner.
2. High-precision ball screws are used in the transmission system.
3. The high-speed servo-drive thermoforming machine realizes a great decrease in manpower cost thanks to the application of automatic feeding system
4. An independent voltage stabilizer controls the electronic furnace.
5. In comparison to traditional vacuum forming equipment, the automatic high speed servo driven thermoformer reduces about 20% of energy.
6. Plastic products by the thermoforming equipment have stable quality.

Technical Parameters of Servo Driven Thermoformer
Forming length: 610MM-1250MM
Forming width: 420MM-760MM
Stroke of lower die: 300MM
Max. Power consumption: 54KW
Machine weight: 4500KG
Machine size: 7000×2000×2600MM
Applicable materials: PVC, PET/G, PS, PP, PC, ABS