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HR-580A Thermoforming Machine

Plastic Thermoforming Machine, Plastic Forming Machine, Plastic Molding Machine

 HR-580A Thermoforming Machine

Outstanding Advantages of Thermoforming Machine
1. The thermoforming machine makes use of a temperature adjustment module, along with an accurate touchscreen, ensuring an error of ±2℃, without any influence by voltage fluctuation.
2. By adopting a functional PLC control system, the thermoformer runs orderly and stably.
3. With the assistance of an electronic coder, the forming machine gives precise working instruction.
4. In the cutting section, a touchscreen control system is installed for micro-adjustment.
5. The worktable can be extended and a conveyor belt can be added for products delivery.
6. Water cycle method is applied for cooling.
7. The feeding system is electrically controlled and the wasted materials are automatically winded, which is of high efficiency.
8. For clamping the plastic sheet, a special cylinder is used, with a clamping thickness of 1 cm.
9. A stable servo motor is used to pull the plastic material, allowing for high forming precision. And independent hydraulic cutting technology is implemented for the subsequent cutting process.

Scope of Application
Thanks to the above mentioned advantages, this type of thermoforming machine is frequently used for handling PVC, PET/G, PS, PP, PC, ABS and many other plastic materials.

Technical Parameters of Thermoforming Machine
Max. forming width: 480MM, 600MM
Max. forming length: 400MM, 480MM
Max. forming depth: 120MM
Power consumption: About 12KW
Forming time: 4s-15s (depending on the material property)