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Multi-station Thermoforming Machine with Stacking and Counting System

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 Multi-station Thermoforming Machine

The multi-station thermoforming machine is ideally suitable for processing PVC, PET/G, PS, PP, PC and ABS materials. Distinguished advantages are as follows:
1. Forming, cutting, stacking and winding are all finished by this thermoformer.
2. The automatic servo system controls the thermoforming machine in a scientific manner.
3. With the assistance of an energy-saving thermostatic module, the electric furnace provides stable heating temperature, thus leading to great thermoforming performance.
4. A large-power cooling system is also outfitted, with quick and good cooling effect.
5. The maximum cutting force is 60 tons.

Technical Parameters of Multi-station Thermoforming Machine
Max. forming area: 600×760MM
Min. forming area: 350×410MM
Material thickness: 0.25MM-2.5MM
Max. power consumption: 120KW
Machine weight: 10000 KG
Machine size: 11500×2000×2500 MM