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Cutting Machine

    1. Automatic Cutting MachineThe automatic cutting machine is intended for cutting plates, plastics, PVC films, wood boards, asbestos insulating boards, gauzes, rubber, leather and other materials.
    1. Hydraulic Cutting MachineThe automatic four-post hydraulic cutting machine is extremely suitable for cutting non-metal materials and finds an application in food packaging, plastics, EPE foams, automatic parts and more.
    1. Flapwheel Cutting MachineNewly-developed, the cutting machine for flap wheels overcomes the shortcomings of conventional cutting machines, like low efficiency and large manpower cost.
    1. Plastic Cutting MachineThe plastic cutting machine features high accuracy and stable performance and is widely applied for cutting plastics, EPE foam, sponge, automatic parts, thick materials and more.
    1. Vertical Cutting MachineAdopting an advanced hydraulic system and PLC control system, the fixed head press shows excellent stability, high automation and easy operation. It requires only 1 operator.
    1. Gantry Type Cutting MachineThe travelling head cutting press is most often used in toy manufacture industry, fabrics, leather processing, electronic products manufacture, artificial flower production and many other nonmetal materials.
    1. Swing Arm Cutting PressThe cutting machine with movable beam features effortless and simply easy operation, low malfunction rate, large cutting force and fast cutting speed.