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Swing Arm Cutting Press

Swing Beam Cutting Press, Swing Beam Press, Paper Cutting Machine

 Swing Arm Cutting Press

The swing arm cutting press is a highly-efficient machine developed for cutting leather, vinyl, rubber, plastics, canvas, fabrics and paper. Outstanding advantages of the swing beam cutting press are as follows:
- Suitable for a complete range of materials and projects
- 20-ton cutting force
- Movable arm
- Two-hand operation consoles, keeping operator's hands away from hazardous area

Technical Parameters of Swing Beam Press
Worktable size: 900×430 mm
Cutting area: 350×457 mm
Press plate ascending height: 80 mm
Max. speed: 1 stroke every 2-3 seconds

Application: Garments, toys, industrial products, etc.

Main Characteristics of Swing Arm Cutting Press
1. By installing the blade at different height, the cutting machine realizes convenient stroke adjustment via the press switch.
2. Every machine has an electrically-control cutting function to match with the blade at different height. It's time saving and highly precise.
3. The cutting machine with movable beam features effortless and simply easy operation, low malfunction rate, large cutting force and fast cutting speed.
4. The stroke setting system makes the blade adjustment easy, accurate and fast.
5. Designed with an automatic lubricating system, the swing arm cutting press has a long lifespan.

Matters Need Attention
1. Confirm Machine Configuration
After receiving the cutting machine, please confirm all configurations, technical documents and guarantee card are packed.

2. Installation and Adjustment
For machine installation and first-time running, if you find any defects and malfunctions, please contact us at the first time, we will provide free technical support as well as effective solutions. Upon request, we can also assign a well-trained worker to offer on-site installation service and leave until the machine operates normally.

3. Exchange Hydraulic Oil
It's suggested to exchange the hydraulic oil and wash or exchange the filter screen after 3-month use. We recommend 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil and imported hydraulic oils.