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Flapwheel Cutting Machine

Flap Wheel Machine, Scouring Pad Cutting Machine, Sand Cloth Cutting Machine

 Flapwheel Cutting Machine

Newly-developed, the cutting machine for flap wheels overcomes the shortcomings of conventional cutting machines, like low efficiency and large manpower cost. It's featured by high automation, precise feeding, low labor cost and more. The cutting force can satisfy different customers' manufacture requirements.

Main Advantages of Flap Wheel Cutting Machine
1. Designed with a computer control system and human-computer interface, the flap wheel machine is easy and convenient to operate and respond precisely.
2. The double-cylinder four-column structure contributes to a high level of balance and guarantees same cutting depth at each position.
3. With the assistance of automatic servo feeding device and discharging control device, the flap wheel cutting machine possesses fast and accurate feeding and discharging, greatly improving the production efficiency.
4. The automatic cutting machine is scientifically constructed, along with an advanced blade and carefully-calculated cutting height, making the cutting process and stroke adjustment easy and accurate.
5. The automatic central lubrication system assures the cutting equipment precision and durability.

Scope of Application
The cutting machine is a good choice for cutting flap wheels, sand cloths, flap discs, scouring pads and more.

Technical Parameters of Flapwheel Cutting Machine
Model HR-6A60T HR-9B100T HR-9B120T HR-9B150T HR-7AF200T
Cutting force 60T 100T 120T 150T 200T
Cutting area 1600MM×610MM 1600MM×810MM 1600MM×810MM 1600MM×810MM 1600MM×810MM
Motor 5.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW 7.5KW
Stroke 55-165MM 60-260MM 60-260MM 60-260MM 40-290MM
Voltage 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V
Net weight 5200KG 6500KG 7000KG 7500KG 10000KG

Manufacture Flow Chart
Raw material→ Welding→ Machining → Mechanical installation→ Painting→ Adjustment (Oil channels and machines) → 24-hour continuously operating → Labeling and packaging → Delivery

Technical Support and After-Sales Service
Our company has powerful technological strength thanks to the committed employees, well-established management system and strict testing requirements. Our skilled maintenance workers provide professional after-sales service and guide the customer to correctly use and maintain the machine.

For better servicing the customers, we build a spacious warehouse that has a sufficient storage of wearing components and will be checked regularly to timely supplement. After receiving an order, we will pack and deliver the goods in 24 hours.

Countless customers' feedbacks prove our cutting machines have stable properties and easy operation. However, for exceptional cases, we still provide a swift solution:
1. We promise to reply your email in 12 hours as soon as we receive it.
2. Our customer-service employees help to resolve the problems remotely. For malfunctions caused by improper operation, we guide and explain on the phone or in the email.
3. If the component is broken and beyond repair, we will send you a replacement as soon as possible. For core components, like frequency converter, PLC and servo motor, the customers need to send back the broken component to us for fault analysis and machine improvement.
4. The machine is guaranteed for 12 months (Wearing part excluded).

Other Things You Need To Know About Flap Wheel Cutting Machine
1. Confirm Machine Configuration
After receiving the cutting machine, please confirm all configurations, technical documents and guarantee card are packed. Please read carefully and keep safely the guarantee card and operation manual.

2. Installation and Adjustment
For machine installation and first-time running, if you find any defects and malfunctions, please contact us at the first time, we will provide free technical support as well as effective solutions. Upon request, we can also assign a well-trained worker to offer on-site installation service and leave until the machine operates normally.