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Automatic Cutting Machine

PVC Cutting Machine, Automatic Cutter, Leather Cutting System

 Automatic Cutting Machine

The automatic cutting machine is intended for cutting plates, plastics, PVC films, wood boards, asbestos insulating boards, gauzes, rubber, leather and other materials. It realizes accurate cutting in an efficient manner.

Outstanding Characteristics of Automatic Cutting Machine
1. Designed with a computer control system and sensitive touchscreen, the automatic cutter is easy and convenient to operate and respond precisely.
2. The double-cylinder four-column structure contributes to a high level of balance and guarantees same cutting depth at each position.
3. By installing an automatic feeding device (one-way and two-way are optional), the automatic cutting machine achieves faster and more precise feeding, which in turn boosts the efficiency by 2-3 times.
4. When the machine is working, the press plate first descends at a high speed and then automatically slows down the speed once contacting the blade, guaranteeing precise cutting and no error between the layers.
5. The automatic cutting machine is scientifically constructed, along with an advanced blade and carefully-calculated cutting height, making the cutting process and stroke adjustment easy and accurate.
6. It takes only 0.3-0.5 seconds for the two-hand operation console to deliver the instruction, secure and reliable.
7. The automatic central lubrication system assures the cutting equipment precision and durability.

Other Things You Need To Know About Automatic Cutting Machine
1. Confirm Machine Configuration
After receiving the cutting machine, please confirm all configurations, technical documents and guarantee card are packed.

2. Installation and Adjustment
For machine installation and first-time running, if you find any defects and malfunctions, please contact us at the first time, we will provide free technical support as well as effective solutions. Upon request, we can also assign a well-trained worker to offer on-site installation service and leave until the machine operates normally.

3. Exchange Hydraulic Oil
It's suggested to exchange the hydraulic oil and wash or exchange the filter screen after 3-month use. We recommend 68# anti-wear hydraulic oil and imported hydraulic oils.